Born in 1995, Pino Zortea began playing the piano in his early childhood and acquired knowledge of the electric bass a few years later. At the age of 16, he was already studying parallel to high school at the Zurich University of the Arts, where he completed his bachelor's degree in 2016.

Several longer stays in New York followed, where he attended sessions and concerts. From 2018 to 2020 Pino studied at the Jazzcampus Basel in the Master of Arts with Larry Grenadier, Guillermo Klein and Jorge Rossy.

Pino works as an independent artist and composes the music for his band Pino Zortea's Jazzkarussell, which released its album “child's play” in 2020. In addition, he wrote the musical radio play for children "Lukas und Wale".

As a bass player, Pino is active in various formations in Switzerland and nearby countries.

“Pino Zortea has in a very high degree what I consider the most vital quality in any musician: every note he plays is full of beauty and meaning. The same can be said about the space in between his musical phrases. There are no wasted moments: his sonic imagination is highly sophisticated, clear and poetic. He has a very unique sound on electric bass. His sound is as nuanced, warm and human as an acoustic instrument in the hands of a virtuoso player.”   - Jorge Rossy


“I was always very moved by Pino’s musicality, his great melodic taste and talent. His quality as a person and work ethic was impeccable.”  - Guillermo Klein


“Pino is gifted with an infectious curiosity and a self motivated drive to do the hard work. He is humble, focused, empathetic and communicative. Perfect attributes for a musician and particularly a bassist!”  - Larry Grenadier