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Pino’s compositions please with melodic, sometimes a bit dreamy, lyrically soft music, played by an outstanding band that understands the economy of means and lets each piece sound relaxed.
The name Karussell stands as a symbol for playful, childlike ease, joy, a public place where music plays and people gather around, everything dances and turns, and the actors rotate.
The band has already played over 25 concerts in Switzerland, including  Mehrspur (Zurich), Café Litéraire (Biel), street jazz-festival Schaffhausen, Keynote Jazz (Zug) and Mitte (Basel).
In May 2020 the project released its first album “Child’s Play” with Alexandra Hamburger (flute), Joscha Schraff (piano), Marton Juhasz (drums) and the guest musicians Florian Egli (saxophone) and Philipp Hillebrand (clarinet).
Niculin Janett (saxophone) has been a permanent member of the project since autumn 2020, as Alexandra Hamburger moved to New York. In December 2020, the quartet released two singles with video live from the Mehrspur.
Niculin Janett - saxophone
Joscha Schraff - piano
Pino Zortea - bass
Marton Juhasz - drums

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